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Product Description
  • Better Shooting Form
  • Improved Consistency
  • High Accuracy
  • Advanced Skills for Game Shooting
  • For Families and Teams

Improve your skills with the same real time shot tracking and shooting analytics used by the pros. 9D sensor, AI, and app give realtime feedback on any court. 

Shooting Form
SIQ provides you not only critical shooting form data, but how that is improving over time. On your driveway, at the court or game day. Get feedback on every shot. Become a shot maker, not shot taker.

Your form should be repeatable, and the SIQ app will tell you via "consistency" whether or not you maintain your form throughout your session. Only good practice makes perfect.

The ball automatically tracks your makes and misses. But we didn't stop there. The SIQ ball is smart enough to know if a shot is a swish. Great shooters track swishes and "clean makes," and we instantly track that info.

Game Shooting
SIQ AI determines your accuracy off the pass, dribble or relaxed. Heat maps let you know how you are doing at every point on the court. Advanced skills like release speed, "shooters touch" and defender clearance are tracked. Premium pro ball can be used for practice or games.

Families and Teams
The SIQ ball is so smart that it knows who is shooting it! Friends and family can use the same ball and have their own stats tracked via a unique "fingerprint". This fingerprint is created automatically using artificial intelligence after only 500 shots.


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Why SIQ basketball

Shoot Better

Same analytics used by top NBA pros and shooting coaches - in your driveway. Real-time feedback improves form, swishes, release time and pressure shooting. Proven results - 15-25% in just weeks! Great gift for a future varsity (or NBA) star


Price includes ball, high-tech sensor and subscription. The absolute best way for anyone to improve their shot in record time. Games and challenges make it fun to get out and shoot

9D Sensor Tech

Only ball with an advanced sensor that, combined to with the app, can take you to the next shooting level. Service life of 500 hours - you can shoot for 1.5 hours, every day, for a year.

Advanced AI

Take your shooting to the next level! Tracks where you are, generates best/worst locations, how you are doing off the pass, dribble, post and 3-pointers, and advanced shooter metrics


AI automatically distinguishes separate shooters, real-time, on the court!See how you stack up against your teammates, friends, other players and pros in the SIQ Basketball app.

Shipping & returns

All ball orders with a membership include free shipping, a 30-day risk free trial, plus one free month of detailed shooting analytics.