About Us

SIQ Basketball is brought to you by SportIQ

SportIQ is world leading smart basketball company specialised in AI, machine learning and classical physics in sports. SportIQ is a limited liability company located in Helsinki, Finland and registered in the Finnish Trade Register since 2008.

Founder and CEO Harri Hohteri has played 258 games in the Finnish top league during his 11 year-career. He has won Finnish silver and bronze in the league.

Current Finnish national team players Petteri Koponen, Sasu Salin and Juho Nenonen have participated in the development of SIQ Basketball. It is the world's only smart basketball officially approved by FIBA. SportIQ is a partner of FIBA Equipment and Venue Centre.

SportIQ vision is that majority of basketballs sold in the future are smart. There is no reason why one should miss on this greatest basketball revolution since its inception 128 years ago.